Wangen was founded in 1969 and is today recognized as a leader within progressive cavity pumps and sanitary twin screw pumps. Wangen serves a wide range of applications such as food and beverage, agriculture, biogas, and chemicals & paper. Their pumps versatility makes them capable of handling abrasive, adhesive and crumbly material including liquids that require high hygiene standards. Wangen pumps employ a durable and robust structure, which ensures low maintenance costs and a long life expectancy.

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Progressing cavity pumps

 Model Max. Flow Max. Operating PressureTemperature
A 160 m³/h12 bar80°CBrochure
GL-F7500 l/min8 bar80°CBrochure
GL-S120 m³/h18 bar80°CBrochure
KB-S GG5 m³/h16 bar-30 – +140°CBrochure
KL-S560 m³/h48 bar-30 – +140°CBrochure
KB10S / KB22S4.000 l/h 16 barN/ABrochure
Xpress56 m³/h6 bar60°CBrochure
BIO-FEED50 m³/h6 barN/ABrochure
KL-R150 m³/h48 bar140°CBrochure
KL-RQ150 m³/h48 bar-30°C – 140°CBrochure
KL-RS150 m³/h48 bar-30°C – 140°CBrochure
BIO-MIX150 m³/h12 bar70°CBrochure

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KL-R Triplex80 m³/h48 bar30°C – 140°CBrochure
KL-RUE150 m³/h48 bar-30°C – 140°CBrochure
KL-T525 m³/h12 bar130°CBrochure

Hygienic progressing cavity pumps

 Model Max. FlowMax. Operating PressureTemperature
KB-SL Hygienic147 m³/h48 bar-30°C – +140°CBrochure
KL-SL Hygienic259 m³/h48 bar-30°C – +140°CBrochure
KL-RL Hygienic150 m³/h48 bar-30°C – +140°CBrochure
KL-RF Hygienic22 m³/h48 bar-30°C – +140°CBrochure
HYLINE7 m³/h20 bar-30°C - 140°CBrochure

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MX100 m³/h80 bar-30°C - 200°CBrochure

Hygienic twin screw pumps

 Model Max. FlowMax. Operating PressureTemperature
WANGEN Twin NG200 m³/h30 bar130°CBrochure

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WANGEN VarioTwin10 m³/h 25 bar90°CBrochure

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 Model Max. FlowMax. Operating PressureTemperature
WANGEN X-UNIT1250 m³/h6 barN/ABrochure

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