EDUR is a family-owned pump manufacturer located in Kiel, Germany. EDUR pumps are specially designed to handle liquid and gasses. It is considered a challenging task for ordinary centrifugal pumps to handle liquids containing gasses, as the pump risks cavitating, which may damage or eventually destroy the pump.

Thanks to a unique designed impeller, EDUR pumps are capable of pumping liquids that contain gasses and bubbles thus eliminating the risk of cavitation. EDUR pumps are today widely used in industries such as water supply, wastewater, food, mining, and oil.

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 ModelMax. FlowMax. HeadMax. Operating PressureTemperatureDownload
EDUR pumpe model NUBNUB5800 l/min90 meter16 bar-40°C – +140°CBrochure

Spare parts
EDUR pumpe model LUBLUB3600 l/min55 meter16 bar-40°C – +140°CBrochure

Spare parts
EDUR pumpe model CB-BCCB BC4000 l/min95 meter10 bar-25°C – +110°CBrochure
Spare parts list (CB L) Spare parts list (BC)
CV ECV84 m3/h300 meter30 bar-30° C – +140° CBrochure

Spare parts lists
EDUR pumpe model FUB-CBFFUB CBF6600 l/min55 meter10 bar-40°C – +140°CBrochure

Spare parts FUB

Spare parts CBF
EDUR pumpe model LBU-VBU-NHP-ZLBU VBU NHP Z170 m3/h400 meter40 bar-40°C – +220°CBrochure

Spare parts LB and VB

Spare parts NH and NU 100

Spare parts NH NU4+6
EDUR pumpe model E-SUB-SS SUB E5000 l/min160 meter16 bar-40°C – +90°CBrochure

Spare parts S

Spare parts SUB

Spare parts E EB
EDUR pumpe model PBU-EB-LBU-NH-ZPBU EB LBU NH Z2500 l/min250 meter40 bar-40°C – +140°CBrochure

Spare parts lists
EDUR pumpe model NHE-LBENHE LBE5600 l/min400 meter40 bar-40°C – +110°CBrochure
EDUR pumpe model CTOLCTOL5800 l/min50 meter10 bar-25°C – +90°CBrochure

Spare parts list (CTOL)
Spare parts list (LTU)