Peribest has specialized in hose pumps, making them an expert within peristaltic pump technology. Their pumps are divided into 3 lines: Industrial, Chemical and Food. This combined with various material configurations makes them capable of pumping a wide range of abrasive, corrosive and highly demanding applications. The pump comes in various sizes, which allows for a flowrate between 5 to 13300 l/h.

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Industrial line

The Industrial line’s hose material is available in NR, EPDM, NBR (food grade) and Hypalon®. This makes the Industrial line capable of handling a wide range of demanding applications, such as chemicals, additives, lime milk, activated carbon, and polymers.

 Model Max. FlowMax. Operating PressureTemperature
I12205 l/h10 bar80°CDatasheet
I17500 l/h10 bar80°CDatasheet
I211200 l/h10 bar80°CDatasheet
I281900 l/h10 bar80°CDatasheet
I353600 l/h10 bar80°CDatasheet
I437000 l/h10 bar 80°CDatasheet
I5513300 l/h10 bar 80°CDatasheet

Chemical line

The Chemical line employs a pump casing and front cover coating in TEFZEL® along with hose materials available in NR, EPDM, and Hypalon®. This combined with the hose leakage sensor makes the line resistant to corrosive and highly demanding chemicals.

 Model Max. FlowMax. Operating PressureTemperature
C12180 l/h10 bar80°CDatasheet
C17450 l/h10 bar80°CDatasheet
C211200 l/h10 bar80°CDatasheet
C281600 l/h10 bar80°CDatasheet
C353200 l/h10 bar80°CDatasheet
C436500 l/h10 bar 80°CDatasheet
C5513000 l/h10 bar 80°CDatasheet

Food Grade line

The food-grade line consists of sanitary pumps suitable for pumping food, beverages, and cosmetics. The pump line employs a hose in FDA food-grade nitrile and the front cover is easy to remove, allowing for a fast CIP cleaning process.

 Model Max. FlowMax. Operating PressureTemperature
F12180 l/h10 bar80°C
F17450 l/h10 bar80°C
F211200 l/h10 bar80°C
F281600 l/h10 bar80°C
F353200 l/h10 bar80°C
F436500 l/h10 bar 80°C
F5513000 l/h10 bar 80°C