The Czech pump manufacture, Hermag, has vast expertise when it comes to canned motor pumps for demanding applications. Hermag’s sealless pumps are available in various materials including cast iron, stainless steel, hastelloy, and titan, making them suitable for oil and gas, nuclear, and the chemical industry.

Hermag pumps employ a hermetically sealed design, which makes them completely leak-free, and safe to both staff and the environment. Their pumps furthermore use hydrodynamic slide bearings that are lubricated by the liquid. Hence, there is no need to monitor lubrication levels, as pumps run seamlessly at all times.

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See Hermag’s brochure here or check the pump specifications in the table below.


 Model Max. FlowMax. HeadTemperature
CH (hollow shaft)300 m³/h110 m120 °C
CE (external circulation)600 m³/h165 m120 °C
CR (reverse circulation)350 m³/h160 m120 °C
CEM (external circulation - multistage)100 m³/h600 m120 °C
CRM (reverse circulation – multistage)100 m³/h600 m120 °C
CRV (vertical reverse circulation)350 m³/h125 m120 °C
CP (self-priming)50 m³/h50 m120 °C

High Temperature / High Melting Point

 Model Max. FlowMax. HeadTemperature
CT (high temperature)650 m³/h150 m450 °C
CI (high temperature)300 m³/h160 m400 °C
CMI (high melting point)220 m³/h90 m400 °C
CM (high melting point)300 m³/h90 m120 °C

Slurry Handling

 Model Max. FlowMax. HeadTemperature
CS (slurry handling)380 m³/h120 m400 °C
CSG (gas seal slurry handling)300 m³/h160 m400 °C